Online Banking

Should I Trust Online Banking?

There are many people that use online banking but there are some people that just do not trust the system. They might worry about all sorts of things and wonder whether it is a good idea for them to use. There are some really good advantages of using online banking though

  • Can access account details at any time
  • Can do transfers and change direct debits etc yourself
  • Can check balance easily to keep a track of what is going on with your account which can help with budgeting

If you haveto wait for a bank to be open to make transfers or things like this it can mean that you might even have to wait until a Saturday if you are at work full time in the week. You may not even have a local branch or you may find that you will have to travel to one or it might be due to close in the future so then you will not have anywhere to go in order to get these things done. Being able to keep a check on your balance is really important if you are carefully budgeting and so you will want to be able to easily do this. You could keep a written record, but that will not allow for any payments that go out that you have forgotten about, perhaps old cheques that took a long time to be cashed or irregular direct debits, for example.

So online banking can be a very useful option but there is mistrust in it. People are worried about others being able to more easily get hold of their details and steal money from them. This is possible but there are different measures that you can take to protect yourself.

  • Make sure no one is watching when you are logging in
  • Try not to log in using a public computer but if you do log out and close the tab when you are done
  • Keep your passwords very secure and make them impossible to guess
  • Have virus protection and firewalls on your computer
  • Be wary of phishing

Phishing is probably the major one here. This is where you go to a website which looks like your bank and enter your details and then someone else has them. These sites are entered by people either using a search engine to find their banking website and following a link which looks like their bank but is not or by clicking through a link in an email or giving details over the telephone. It is therefore important to make sure that when you are banking you always enter the URL of the bank rather than using a search engine. Never click a link in an email as your bank will never send you one and on the telephone never give details over the phone unless you have telephoned the bank and are sure you are speaking to them. They should not phone you and if you get a call which says it is form the bank, hang up and call your bank using a number you are sure of, to check whether they just called you.

The above might sound like a hassle, but once you get into a good habit of knowing how to use your banks website, it should be easy and you should feel confident that you will not be subject to any problems. If you are at all worried that something has gone wring then calling your bank will allow you to be able to check and they will be able to sort out any problems you have had.