We know that making changes to out finances can be a tricky process. This is why we encourage people to take a step by step approach. We believe that by making small changes over time, then bug impacts can be felt but it will not be so difficult to do. We have therefore put together this website with some information which will give people a place to start. We hope that people will be encouraged to start making a few changes to things that they do so that they can start to improve their finances. We hope that each of these steps will have a positive impact. Once they have followed all of the steps that we have suggested, they then need to do more and more until they are in a situation where they are totally in control of their money. This will not happen really quickly, but it is possible for everyone to do if they are determined and motivated. We hope that by looking at this website many people will be encouraged to start their journey, making a series of changes so that they can eventually be in control and feel completely at ease with their financial situation.